AfterWorld Diaries: Book 1: A New Beginning

dalewj is a real avatar in a real MMORPG game called AfterWorld. Watch dalewj discover his own history. Watch dalewj discover the history of the world he lives in. He will fall in love. He will have friends die. He will finally become a citizen of the great AfterWorld.


By Dale Johnson, Johnson Consulting    
Published January 2013

Electronic ISBN: 978-1-300-67271-5
Paper ISBN: 978-1-300-67286-9






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AfterWorld: AfterWorld is a "free market economy" persistent-world massively multiplayer online game set in a science fiction setting of post-apocalyptic Siberia. The game currently features:

  • A complex and unusual skills based role-playing system that involves more than a hundred different skills with each of them developed using unique game mechanics.
  • An advanced craft system with branching production chains currently containing thousands different items.
  • A realmoney trade in-game economic system designed in such a way that resource farming does not ruin the balance, but is an intended part of the gameplay for high-level characters.


AfterWorld Diaries Book 1

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